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Meet the therapy horses!
Dollar is 17 years old and came to us as a retired team roping horse. He won 4 buckles, money and an OTRA (Original Team Roping Association) event as a header. He came to our barn with Gray who was also a header. For those that don't know, a header horse is the first to rope the steer around the horns. Some of our best therapy horses have been retired rope horses and he is a shining star at our barn.
Sunny is a 14 year old line back dunn. He came to us from Springtown, Texas as a retired roping horse. He enjoys trail rides, especially around the lake. He likes playing in the water!
Tate is a 16 year old red dunn and was a roping horse in his younger years. He is full of personality and loves his treats!
Doreen bought Freckles off of a longhorn ranch in Cross Plains, Texas. The ranch owners children outgrew him but he made an excellent addition to our barn. He's also pretty handy working cows in Paradise. He is a 15 year old Pony of America.
Tamon is 18 years old and was donated to us this past February. He is an adorable Arabian gelding who EVERYONE loves! He is always willing to please and is a very smooth to ride.
Moon is a 21 year old welsh pony and came from a cattle ranch in Paradise, Texas. Many children have enjoyed riding him both with us and back at the ranch. He is so patient and kind with our youngest riders.
Fancy, AKA Black Chief Fancy, is a 23 year old black and white beauty! She was born April 4, 1997 in Dayton, Ohio and is a registered paint horse through the APHA. She came to us as a seasoned playday horse. We are her third owner.
Lucy is a 20 year old sweetheart! She came from Huntsville, Texas where she was a prison horse. She either worked on the cattle ranch or was a mounted patrol in the prison yard. Next time you are at the barn take a look at her brands. These are the brands of the Huntsville prison system.
Missy is an 11 year old halflinger pony. She is also our resident unicorn! Doreen bought her in Ponder, Texas from a lady who rescues horses from auctions. She is in training to be a therapy horse.
Jessie is 20 years old and came to us from Sky Ranch. She was in their trail riding program for 3 years. Many have been on the back of Ms. Jessie and she will continue to bring joy to many more!
Strawberry is a 17 year old strawberry roan and came from Commerce, Texas. Her father was famous. Look up Peptoboomsmal. He is a $26+ million dollar sire with many awards in cutting, reining cow horse, ranch riding and cowboy events. Strawberry is a master at opening stall doors...but only for her friends!
Chief is a 20 year old Pony of America and was a ranching pony in his younger days. Doreen drove up to Oklahoma to buy him. He is eager to please with lots of energy and a kind spirit. He had dedicated his life to making kids smile.
Tucker is a 21 year old Shetland pony from east Texas. He has been a resident at our barn for 11 years. Trailer rides aren't his favorite but cookies are! He enjoys bringing smiles to children's faces and is best friends with Chief.
Cherokee is a 20 year old paint and full of personality! In his former home he was a trick horse. When he isn't at the barn for lessons you can watch him goat tying at a rodeo with one of our staff members in the North Texas High School Rodeo Association.
Dottie is a 10 year old leopard appaloosa pony in training for therapy. We picked her up in Grandview, Texas the week of Thanksgiving. She was in a barn fire and has a burn down her back and a broken tail. She is a sweetheart and will make an excellent addition to our program!
We have our winners....

2020 Therapy Horse of the Year is DOLLAR!

2020 Barn Favorite is STRAWBERRY!

Thank you everyone for your donations!